Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to understand how to make money online... who you should listen to... and what's the best step-by-step action plan that delivers the quick results you deserve... without wasting your time and money on "yet another" useless info product? If you relate -- read on…

My name is Matt Gallant and a few years ago, I was buried in debt. DEEP. I owed over $145,000. I'm not talking about a mortgage -- it was all personal loans and credit card debts.

How did I wind up in such a mess?

First, I got "burned to a crisp" after borrowing $50,000 from a friend to build a fitness website. The developers quit at the 11th hour, before the site was completed, leaving me with a bunch of useless code that I didn't know what to do with.

"From the messy desk of Matt Gallant”

Two months later, I was scammed by an online con-artist who sold me a non-existent stock trading system for $7500 cash.

Then it got worse...

I was working 80 hours a week as a personal trainer in a gym in Vancouver, trying to save up enough money to get out of debt.

One weekend I decided to go to NYC, and...

My wife had left me a frantic "CALL ME BACK NOW!" message. When I called her back, she gave me the horrible news.

Someone had broken into our house, stolen our safe with over 5 figures of hard-earned cash, plus my video camera that I was planning to use to create some DVD products.

Months of work, gone in a flash. Even worse... I felt violated to the core.

I was so desperate for success that I borrowed another $15,000 and hired who I thought was "the world's greatest copywriter." I sent him his money and flew down to Miami.

In 3 bizarre days he proceeded to spray-paint me with tanning lotion, brag about his drug use, and tell me that I was such a good copywriter, that I should just write the ad myself.

Since I was a young fool, his compliments went right to my head. So I wrote the ad and sent it to him.

He changed 4 words in my ad and told me to run it.


I didn't make a single sale from that ad.

I went "ALL-IN" to personally learn from the best marketing masters.

I lived with the pain alone. I couldn't tell my wife. She would've crumbled under the pressure. She knew I owed some money, but she had no clue HOW MUCH.

Maybe I was insane, but I plowed on... I borrowed more money so I could attend marketing events and hire mentors. The most challenging part was dealing with my wife, who was TOTALLY unsupportive and had no vision whatsoever.

THAT was tough.

One day, I called a marketing friend and he gave me some strong words of encouragement.

And later that night, I was lying in my bed and IT HIT ME LIKE A TON OF BRICKS!

I finally knew exactly what I needed to do, to create my own profitable businesses on the Internet.

Then a few weeks later, everything changed. My business success EXPLODED.

My income instantly increased over 300% and I made over $11,300 in online sales in my first month. I couldn't sleep for a few days, I was too excited.

I paid off ALL my debts in a year and a half...That was one of the most liberating experiences EVER.

"My Final Gift To My Ex-Wife".

I got married quite young (24) with a beautiful Swiss woman. We had a few wonderful years and after a few years we felt we would be happier if we moved our separate ways.

I decided to do one final act of love by helping her live her dream: Have her own dog walking, dog care business.

So I used my marketing system, and in a matter of a few months, she became so busy with clients that she had to slow down the marketing. And the competition is fierce in Vancouver for dog walkers.

She was able to make thousands of dollars a month by only investing $17 in advertising per month!

Since then, I've built several companies worth over 7 figures, including a business that I started with literally $50, and another that pulls in 3 million annually. (The coolest part about that business is I only work about 5-6 hours a week on it.)

And I hope you don't think I'm saying all of this to brag, because that's the last thing I want to do. In fact, I rarely like to talk about my success. I prefer being the "wizard behind the scenes." However, in this case it's important...


Because after years of perfecting my REAL BUSINESS BUILDING system (not some money-making gimmick that's going to stop working in 2 months from now)... I'm ready to open the vault and share my most prized business-building, wealth-acquiring secrets for only $7. I'll explain why I'm basically giving you the keys to the kingdom in just a minute.

Can you really start an internet business with ZERO dollars out of your pocket? Oh, yes you can... And I'm not talking about getting a loan.

By building your own internet-based business, you won't have to pay for rent, office supplies, travel, labor, inventory, or equipment like would with a traditional brick-and-mortar business.

You can create digital products using readily available free software.

There's normally a few minor expenses involved with running a website, but I can even show you how to avoid paying those for as long as you want, while you get started earning money.

Of course, you have to invest time and use the best strategies.

I can't put in the time for you... However I can give you the proven steps that will work if you use them intelligently.

Once you start making some money... You can start reinvesting your profits to achieve what I call “Hyper-growth”. My #1 goal is to help you achieve an EXTRA INCOME without risking your hard earned savings.

I'm offering you the chance to learn the most solid, proven real-world business building and marketing strategies that are working today to make great money on the Internet.

The reason I’m practically giving it away is because you probably don’t know me... don’t know how powerful my strategies are... and you don’t know how much I can change your life.

I also know that if I just “give it away” you probably won’t appreciate it. It’s just human nature.

My long term goal is that we build a life-long business relationship where I can serve you by providing you even more advanced strategies and software automation solutions that make your life easier.

BUT... you're NOT going to find them in the business section of your local Barnes and Noble. The only place you're gonna find them is right here, right now.

You can survive and thrive during any financial apocalypse with this information. I started 3 new successful businesses during the worst recession of our lifetime. The economy is almost irrelevant. You can succeed NO MATTER WHAT when you apply right information.

It's like getting a PHD in the most effective online business strategies and tactics. The best part is you can download each module into your brain in about an hour.

Have you ever seen the movie "The Matrix"? Yeah...It's kind of like that.

I start from ground zero... Every step systematically builds onto the previous one.

All you have to do is follow the crystal-clear instructions.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: I'm not going to give you some useless information that will sit and collect dust on your hard drive. It works if you work it.

The content is instantly downloadable. It will be a combination of videos, audio recordings, PDF files, reports, and more...

Here's a tiny taste of what's in store for you.

Kickstart your evolution into a money-making maverick by using the secrets of endless opportunities. Your biggest problem will be: Which one(s) do I choose?

How to pluck untapped fortunes from all around you -- you'll get endless ideas from magazines, newspapers, TV, the mall, people you know, your own experiences, the Internet, and more...

If you're a beginner... you want to pick a battle you can win and start making money ASAP. I'll show you how to do that.

You'll get a no-nonsense guide for uncovering an easy niche. This lets you quickly determine how much money you can realistically make. Best of all, you can do it from the comforts of your home with any computer.


I'll show you how to become the ultimate "business spy". No one will be able to hide their money-making secrets from you anymore. You'll be able to decode and replicate almost any profitable website.

Plus you'll be creating a mindblowing foundation for all your future success.

It's something I call the POWER OF VISION.

See, most people struggle to activate their WHOLE brain. I'll teach you a powerful exercise that INSTANTLY gives you MEGA vision. It's like rocket fuel for your inspiration and creative mind powers.

This isn't all about "woo-woo" thinking... I'll also give you the hardcore business vision and financial goal setting tools you need to build a successful brand, including what I call the Ultimate Goal setting exercise.

The foundation of any multi-million dollar company is best-selling products.

What if I gave you the exact secrets I've used to create over 55 money-making products and services in the last decade?

Here's some of the gold I'm going to give you:

How to grab your share of the money in any market -- no matter how competitive. I'll show you the 4 proven pathways to profits. This stuff is NUCLEAR.

The "HEAVY secret" behind one of Canada's richest families... Learn how they stone-walled the competition and grabbed ALL of the profits by using what's called "The ultimate product funnel" (The US Government was scared to let them in the country because they were too powerful). You can do the same thing by forging unbreakable links for each part of your "market chain".

I'll show you how to create an epic product line faster than you thought possible.

If you do NOTHING ELSE but fully apply this method, you could end up building a 6 or 7 figure business. In fact, one of the biggest health websites in the world (making well over $20 million a year) started using this strategy.

Here's the best part about this: It does NOT cost any money to apply it.

After you've put this into action, Wild crazy things will happen such as:

Radio shows want to interview you... T.V. shows want to feature you and your products (This happened to me)...

Experts want to team up with you (I can't believe how celebrities I have as my partners)...

You get asked to speak at conferences.

Newspapers write articles about you.

Book companies want to publish your books.

I'm going to share with you my most powerful strategies and tactics such as:

The 19 most critical elements to creating an irresistible lead collection webpage.

My secret weapon that's made me one of the most successful businessmen in my niches.

The greatest optimization weapon ever for making money online. You can use it against bigger companies and run circles around them. Yes, David can kick Goliath's ass...ALL DAY LONG!

One of the most epic shortcuts ever... This "ultimate goldmine" of proven marketing GOLD will help you craft powerful offers that inspire people to pull out their credit cards and give you cash.

(If you don't know me personally then I certainly don't blame you for being at least a little bit skeptical).

You're probably saying to yourself: "Matt, come on... what's the catch? What's your real agenda? If your blueprint is half as great as you say it is, why would you hand it over for just $7? Why would you hand over your hard-earned trade secrets to me for pratically nothing?"

I'm going to give you the straight up, honest, no bullshit answer: I want to blow your mind and overload with you outstanding value, so that I can win your trust, and earn your future business.

You see, I've developed some pretty cool technologies that can turbocharge your results and online profits.


Right now, I don't want you to be concerened with any of that.

Get in the game...

Get on the right path...

And be assured, that this blueprint is a complete value, and you can start on the road to success and actually build a REAL BUSINESS, with just the information in the blueprint, without buying anything else from me, EVER!

That's not to say I won't offer you deeper training packages on specific topics, IF you are interested later down the road.

I just want to be totally upfront, honest, and transparent about that.

But again, my main reasons for selling you this blueprint are: 1) to give you outstanding value, 2) help you build a real business, and 3) start a great relationship with you.

I hope that makes sense.

I know it sounds crazy... But I'm so confident that this is going to be the greatest investment of your life, that I'm going to put my reputation (and my money) on the line with two generous guarantees:

Your First Guarantee:

You have 90 full days to test drive this system... Download any or all of the files... Listen to the audios as many times as you want.. and if for any reason or even no reason whatsoever, you want your money back, then just send me an email and you'll get every penny back immediately. No "fine print". If you aren’t blown away, I don’t want your money. It's that simple.

My promise: If you don't think enrolling in this course was one of the smartest decisions you've ever made, just send an email, and I'll promptly refund your money with sincere thanks for trying the course.

Your Second Guarantee:

This is where I’m taking ALL THE RISKS. And I can only make this kind of “crazy offer” because I’m 100% confident in this system.

When you keep the system for more than 90 days, I'll ride along with you for another 9 months. After 365 days have gone by, if you started a business, followed my formulas, and you’re still not making money, then I’ll give you back TRIPLE YOUR INITIAL INVESTMENT. The only catch is that you show me you actually used the system and tried my methods.

We kindly ask you only sign up if you are serious about actually building or
growing a real Internet business.

Let's be honest... There's a lot of crap out there that's just NOT going to give you what you really need to succeed and make money. We'd probably be both shocked silly if we saw how much money we've wasted on useless biz op courses and scams.

I've been there too...

I used to have tears of rage thinking about how much money I flushed down the toilet on crappy products while I was buried in debt and struggling to find success.

I'm sick and tired of the "business opportunity sellers" preying on your drive and desires. I'm my opinion, there's nothing more tragic than seeing a motivated person go down a guaranteed path to failure.

I don't care if you've never marketed anything before in your life. Or if you're just starting out... Or even if you've taken six other businesses straight into bankruptcy, and you don't have a clue what you want to sell, or where. None of that matters.

This isn't rocket science. But there is absolutely no sane reason why you should want to waste years of your own life attempting to figure this stuff out on your own.

I've already spent the critical 10 years of working hard, hanging out with the greatest marketers in the world, making the big mistakes and achieving 7-figure successes.

You aren't risking ANYTHING... I put my money where my mouth is. I'm not kidding around with my advice when it comes to building a solid, profitable business. What I tell you works -- I know this because my efforts have been bringing in 4 figures in sales every DAY of the year like clockwork for the last 6 years.

There's no guesswork... No "good-sounding theories."

Just time-tested winning strategies, tactics, and systems that have been proven to dominate any market you use them in.

It's the fastest shortcut possible. Plus, it will be simple and fun.

Don't get me wrong -- you're gonna have to put in the work. However, if you follow my plan, I promise you... You'll be having a blast while you're creating your own little empire.

Nothing will be outside your reach once you've learned this information.

Here to make your business dreams come to life,

Matt Gallant
Your "A-to-Z" Business Building Mentor

On stage presenting at Yanik Silver's Underground event

Still Not Yet Decided? Then read this...

"He's a Dangerous Marketer."

First, I need to tell you WHO John Carlton is... They call him "the secret weapon". They call him "The most respected and ripped-off copywriter alive"... They call hiim "The World's greatest copywriter"... And he RARELY gives testimonials...

Here's what he had to say about me and my marketing skills...

"I've personally watched Matt's skills and abilities as a marketer skyrocket over the last few years. He's one of these "quiet types" that's secretly making big bucks. Matt's copywriting and marketing skills are rock solid and he's always looking for new innovative ways to improve response. Be on the lookout for this guy... He's a dangerous marketer."

- John Carlton (The most ripped-off copywriter alive)

"Dominated in a market that many would be scared to enter."

"Matt and his team have tested and optimized themselves to a 7 figure business in a market that many would be scared to enter.

He's now considered by many to be the DOMINANT player."

- Keith Baxter (Founder of Nothing Held Back)

"When I showed Legendary copywriter Gary Halbert some of my writing, he was shocked... He said:"

"Did you write this yourself?

Who taught you how to write copy like this!??"

- Gary Halbert (Copywriting Legend. R.I.P.)

"Matt Gallant's Course Changed My Life."

"Step by step it helped me find my voice, reach my readers, and turn it all into a business within 90 days. My receipts the first month were over $8,000.

If you are looking for a way to impact the world for the better, using the Internet as your platform then Matt Gallant can be your mentor - as he was mine.

Thanks Matt!"

- James Ronin, (Author of "The Great Game")

"I really feel blessed I partnered up with Matt."

"I really feel blessed because I partnered up with Matt Gallant to promote my products. Every year we sell hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of my courses. Matt really knows how to capture the essence of a product and communicate it in a way that gets people excited."

- Jimmy Dillon (Award-winning recording artist)

"We've made millions in sales together"

"Matt is really the smartest marketer I know... I've lost the last 5 years of my life testing so called "experts" and got nowhere. With Matt, we've made millions in sales together and we're just getting started."

- Wade Lightheart, (3-Time National Bodybuilding Champion)

"One of the most impressive, creative and smartest marketers."

"Matt is one of the most impressive, creative and smartest marketers I've met.

He continues to reinvent the wheel as he thinks of new and innovative ways to continually move forward, and this is proven by his success across multiple markets and products.

He's no one trick pony! If you have the opportunity to get near Matt, take it."

- Anthony Trister (The Coffeeshop Millionaire)

"If you want to learn how to sell stuff to the world... Matt is DEFINITELY your guy."

"I've worked with top level record companies, the best musicians in the world... And tons of super stars. Matt Gallant with his marketing skills is right up there. The guy has blown my mind with the sales of our DVD products. If you want to learn how to sell stuff to the world... Matt is DEFINITELY your guy."

- Ozzie Ahlers (Keyboard player for Jerry Garcia and Van Morrisson)

"When it comes to stuff that works... MATT IS IT."

"Man oh man... when it comes to marketing know-how and stuff that works... MATT IS IT. His knowledge is nothing short of epic. We launched a couple of projects a few months ago and BOOOM 6 figures in the bank rolled in."

- Dave Ruel (The Muscle Cook)

"He blows peoples minds"

"Matt has a nickname amongst the people who know him. We call him the "Mad Marketing Scientist". Believe me - the guy does a lot of underground ninja stuff... He blows people's minds apart with his methodologies."

- Andre Chaperon (Creator Of Autoresponder Madness)

"Living the Dream"

"Several years ago, I hired Matt to coach me in the ways of Internet marketing, and it was probably the best decision I made in my entire life. I went from being hopelessly stuck in the rat race, to creating my own million dollar business. Thanks to the right guidance and information, I'm living the dream."

- Claude Johnson (President of Guitar Control)

"Matt is the real deal on all levels".

"After every contact I had with Matt, I always had the same reaction: 'Wow this guy thinks in some AMAZING ways. Our conversations and masterminds opened my eyes and fattened my wallet.

Now he's chosen to reveal the REAL DEAL on what has made his niche site empire so successful.

Matt is the real deal on all levels. His course is one of only a handful I've participated in this year."

- Marc Harty (PR Web Maestro)

"He showed me exactly how to triple my online profits."

"Matt Gallant blew my mind as he showed me exactly how to triple my online profits. If you have the chance to learn from this marketing master... DO NOT MISS IT."

- Stefan Pylarinos (Project Life Mastery)

"This is the most 'action filled' online training I ever had."

"This is the most 'action filled' online training I ever had. I actually took plenty of action and moved forward.

Big Thanks. Learned so much actionable stuff that I actually used. (It's a world apart from 90% of the other stuff I get & put on the shelf to collect dust)"

- Mohamed Jamal, Bahrain

"Just Hardcore stuff"

"I'm watching what Matt is up to and what he's doing, and I'm like "DAMN..." After a bit of arm-twisting, I got him to speak at underground 8. What Matt really does incredibly well is extreme optimizing, conversions, websites, just hardcore stuff."

- Yanik Silver (Creator Of Mavericks And Underground Seminars)

P.S. If you just scanned to the bottom of this webpage because you don't have time to waste here's the bottom line: For $7 I'm going to give you 7 killer modules that are going to allow you to build an online business with NO CAPITAL. If it doesn't work -- I'm going to give you triple your money back.